Below is a list of some common questions. If you do not find the answer to your question below, please do not hesitate to reach out to our offices with your specific question.


The easiest way to get an estimate on your next project would be to complete our online request an estimate form. Providing as much detail as possible is key to getting an accurate quote. This request form can be found here.

Yes. We do offer graphic design services. Post Printing is more than happy to be your full-service shop here to complete a project from the design to final print.

We offer both physical and digital proofing options. If your project is time sensitive, we can email a digital proof for your approval.

To ensure optimum print quality, images and graphics should be saved to a minimum of 300 dpi. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, and theoretically the more dots an image has the more detail an image has. When an image has more details the final printed result also has more detail.


You have options on how you want to send your files.

Files can be uploaded to the KODAK InSite Prepress Portal. Your username and password are required to login and submit files. If you have lost or do not have a username and password, please contact us to get that information.

You can also utilize Dropbox to send files.


Coated paper is often misunderstood to mean “glossy”. While a coated paper can be glossy, paper can also be coated in semi-glossy and matte finishes. Coated paper is simply a paper with an agent added to the surface. The purpose of the agent is to fill in the tiny pores and spaces between the fibers of the paper. When these little spaces are filled it helps to improve certain print qualities such as the brightness, sharpness and clarity.

Uncoated paper is paper without any kind of agent applied to the surface. An uncoated paper is best used on jobs that do not require an exceptional finish and perhaps print qualities such as brightness, sharpness and the clarity of images are less important.

Depending on many factors, the final printed colors may look quite a bit different than the colors of the digital art on screen. This color fluctuation is due to the way colors are rendered on screen vs how your eye views a color printed on paper. Some factors that can affect this are: the brightness of your monitor, the RGB color settings of your monitor,  the amount of light in the room when viewing your printed piece, the angle in which you are viewing the print, among  many other possibilities.


No. We do not have a minimum order quantity. However, we do have a minimum setup fee that we charge regardless of quantity. We do offer price breaks depending on the quantity of your order, were the higher the quantity you order the lower the cost for each piece becomes.

Simple jobs can be completed in as little as an hour where more complex projects can take a few days. If needed, we do offer a rush service and can expedite your job to better fit your needs. If you currently need a rushed completion, please give us a call:

Minster, OH 1-800-221-7171

Lexington, KY 859-254-7714