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Prepress | Step 1


This is where your project begins.

Post Printing utilizes the latest technology and software available in the print industry to prepare your project files. Our growth focus has been in this ever-changing department. Our prepress professionals work diligently to assure projects start out right by processing files, clarifying high-resolution components, utilizing our closed loop color system, and correcting separations when necessary. Our closed loop system has the proofing system calibrated and linked to our presses, and automatically sets the inks at the press to match the proof to ensure accurate color from the proof to the finished product.

Your print project relies on the efficiency and skills of the professionals in our prepress area.

The fact is, if the proof does not look good, neither will the printing.

Our prepress team takes extreme pride in their work because it is the first part of the project you see. There is nothing better than when a client reviews a correct proof after all the hours they have dedicated to the project at that point. Post Printing takes great pride in the fact we are partnering with you, our clients, to make your vision a reality.

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